Wednesday, January 09, 2019

How to Make Improvements in Your 2019 Trading

There are several ways that we can make improvements in our trading:

1)  Become a better idea generator; become better at spotting opportunity;

2)  Become a better trader/portfolio manager; become better at implementing ideas as favorable risk/reward opportunities and constructing portfolios of trades;

3)  Become more consistent in drawing upon best practices; become more grounded in personal and professional processes that keep you in peak performance mode;

4)  Become more consistent in recognizing and intercepting your worst practices; become more mindful of triggers and pitfalls that set you up for your worst performances.

In working on any one or all of these, it is important that the efforts are daily.  We internalize what we do.  The idea is to start our changes with motivation, but continue them with positive habits.

Tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 10th, 4:30 PM EST), Mike Bellafiore and I will join the good folks at to present a free webinar on how you can implement these four areas of improvement in your trading.  We are working with developing traders who are making meaningful strides in their trading, so we see what is and isn't working in real time.  Our hope is to leave attendees with specific ideas and strategies that they can use to move their trading forward in 2019.  

Here is the link for webinar registration; we look forward to seeing you there!