Sunday, November 04, 2018

Becoming a Baby Bear: How We Can Do A Better Job Of Reaching Our Goals

As this video of a baby bear from @ziyatong graphically depicts, there is a lot to be said for motivation as a path toward our goals.  When the situation is urgent and the endpoint remains in front of us, we can summon great drive to achieve the seemingly impossible, just like that baby bear.

The problem is that situations are not always *so* urgent and goals are not always so clearly visible.  We make resolutions and goals in one state of mind only to find that urgency waning when our attention is taken elsewhere.  That is why motivation is necessary to reach challenging goals, but not sufficient.  

In the latest Forbes article, I outline two key factors that help us reach our goals.  In that article, I link excellent research resources that highlight ways in which we can move from the daily leading of our lives to becoming actual leaders of our lives.

A key, per Zig Ziglar's quote above, is turning motivation into a habit.  That is, we create routines--processes--for tapping into the values and visions that animate our lives.  This is why a religious person will start their day with prayer.  The morning prayer, at one level, is a habit.  At another level, it is a way of connecting with what is meaningful and motivating.

When we have habits that tap into motivation, suddenly our goals become urgent and visible--and we can be like that baby bear.  It's not enough to wake up our bodies in the morning; we also have to awaken spirit.  Without the habit of motivation, goals become little more than wishes...entries in our trading journals that show good intentions, but little more.

What is *your* process for becoming a baby bear?

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