Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Role of Spirituality in Trading

I have been pleasantly surprised by the initial interest traders have expressed in the book I am writing on spirituality and trading.  

The key idea is that many trading problems spring from our failure to transcend the ego.  We identify with winning/losing, with overall P/L numbers, with being right or wrong in our ideas, and all of these identifications lead us to overreact to markets.

The world's great spiritual disciplines are tool kits for moving beyond our egos by connecting with larger realities.  The purpose of the book I'm writing is to acquaint traders with these tool kits and their potential for improving not only trading, but all of life.

One spiritual perspective is that all of our problems recur until we learn from them.  Life is a classroom and the problems we face repeatedly are the lessons we're meant to learn.  

What are your trading problems, and what are they trying to teach you?

Your problems are your curriculum.  Only when we embrace our problems do we learn from them and become more than we are.

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