Thursday, September 27, 2018

Webinar To Improve Your Trading Performance

I'm pleased to announce a free webinar hosted by Journalytix on the topic of "Taking Your Journals--And Your Performance--To The Next Level".  The session will be held at 4:30 PM EST on Monday, October 1st.  I like what the Journalytix folks have done in creating a next-generation journaling tool.  One app connects your daily journal with your key trading statistics, news feed, and event calendar--and it all updates in real time via your data feed.

The Monday presentation will focus on how you can use journals and trading stats to more clearly define where you do and don't have edges in your trading.  One observation I've made with developing traders is that they will trade multiple patterns/setups and will assume that these have an edge.  When they break down their profitability as a function of the strategy traded, however, it often is the case that most of their profits are coming from one or two key types of trading.

By using trading stats as an objective performance measure and, from the numbers, defining goals to work on each day/week/month, traders can greatly accelerate their progress.  With traders I observe first-hand, for instance, at SMB, I notice distinct improvement among those who religiously keep their stats and generate monthly goals.  We really can take control of the pace of our trading progress.

I look forward to sharing best journaling practices with you and responding to your questions on Monday.  Thanks!