Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tapping Our Inner Resources

In this post, allow me to pose a few questions that strike me as terribly important:

  • What if the depth and breadth of our learning can be magnified many times over by maintaining optimal mindstates?
  • What if our performance--in trading and in life more broadly--could be expanded many times over by sustaining optimal well-being?
  • What if the normal human mindstate is itself pathological and suboptimal, far from the potential of joy, fulfillment, and energy that we're capable of?
  • What if the ways in which we approach each day, designed to get tasks done, are some of the very ways in which we sustain our suboptimal mindstates?
  • What if the usual ways we think about trading psychology are simply shufflings of deck chairs on the Titanic and not ways that can bring about positive transformation of learning and performance?
My most recent Forbes post expands on these questions and offers one technique for maximizing our experience--and our performance.  The important implication is that, to maximize our trading, we need to optimally develop ourselves.  Expanding our experience is like providing our brains with faster, more powerful processors.  The problem is not that we fail to live up to our dreams, but that we dream too feebly and hence never truly awaken to turn dreams into visions and realities.

In coming posts, I will address powerful strategies for expanding our selves as a gateway to making the most of what we pursue in relationships, in careers, and in markets.

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