Sunday, February 25, 2018

Best Practices of Best Traders

Here is the link to the recent Best Practices of Best Traders webinar sponsored by  

The sound quality is not great in the very first portion of the session, but we get that corrected for the majority of the presentation.  My apologies about that.

A very important takeaway is that, at certain times, *you* are a best trader.

It is when you are trading at your best that you discover your best practices.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to uncover the best within you:

How do I generate my best trading ideas?  What do I look at?  What information do I draw upon?  How do I best prepare for trading with research?  With conversations with other traders?  When I figure out what is going on in a stock or in a market, what exactly am I figuring out?  What patterns in market behavior make sense to me?  How do I best detect those patterns?

How am I best at risk taking?  When I'm trading well, how do I determine as quickly as possible that my idea and/or my trade are wrong?  How do I decide to take quick profits, and how do I decide to let trades run?  In my best trading, how do I size positions?  How do I respond to winning trades and losing ones?

In my best trading, how am I managing myself?  How do I best sustain focus?  How do I keep my energy level high?  How do I maintain a quality life outside of trading?  When I'm trading well, how do I take breaks during the trading day?  How do I best use my time before trading starts and after?

Focusing on these questions will help you understand the ingredients that go into your trading success.  As I emphasize in the Trading Psychology 2.0 book, it's not enough to simply note our best practices.  The goal is to turn these successful practices into positive habit patterns and ongoing processes.  

A huge part of trading success is becoming more and more consistent with our strengths...more and more consistent in doing what we do when we are successful.