Sunday, January 14, 2018

One Easy Way to Enhance Your Market Vision

I've spent some time this morning reviewing websites and Twitter feeds that are market related.  There are some really good things out there, and there are some really bad ones.

The broadest generalization I can make is that the awful sites are ego based.  They focus on the calls made by the guru, the services offered by the expert, etc.  Generally there are one or two pet ideas that are offered as the solution to trading and, of course, the writer just happens to be the go-to person for those key skills.

The valuable sites are truly idea based.  They don't just make market calls; they illustrate reasoning that goes behind the views.  A good word for these sites is that they are evidence-based.  They educate and illuminate.  They are not primarily pitching the writer.

Consider the Market Anthropology site.  You don't have to go too far into your reading to find interesting perspectives on interest rates and the big moves in a few asset classes.

Or how about Jeff Miller's Dash of Insight site, with well-documented perspectives on market sentiment and changes in economic conditions?

Take a look at Chris Ciovacco's site and its insights on market valuation and taking an evidence-based approach to charts and market views.

Note that these are not the most trafficked Twitter feeds and trading sites.  The most trafficked restaurants are fast-food joints, not gourmet eateries; shopping mall retailers, not designer boutiques.  Those who seek quality are generally not part of the traffic jams.

Which sets up a great way to enhance your market vision!

Find Market Anthropology, Jeff Miller, and Chris Ciovacco (or your favorite source of ideas) on Twitter or StockTwits and then look up their followers.  See who follows quality people who are relevant to your trading--and you're likely to discover quality people relevant to your trading!  The chances are good that, in tapping into the networks of people you respect and admire, you'll discover others who are worthy--and who can feel your head.

Imagine adding just two fresh sources a week from the networks of people you respect.  Over the course of a year, you will have greatly enhanced your vision.  Building the right network online is a great way of cultivating a rich cognitive network--and that's a great way of finding the creative ideas that go beyond consensus views.