Thursday, June 08, 2017

Three Day Workshop on Reading the Psychology of the Markets

Understanding our own psychology and how it affects our trading is only part of the trading challenge.  Another part is understanding the psychology of market participants.  How do we know who is in the market, how they are leaning, and whether their participation is likely to move prices higher, lower, or not at all?  Many trading problems occur, not because of the trader's poor psychology, but because of the trader's inability to recognize the market's psychology.

On Monday, July 24th and on Tuesday and Wednesday the 25th and 26th, there will be two unique workshops in Chicago focused on reading the psychology of the market.  Market Delta will be sponsoring the event; here is the post describing the program.  The focus will be on using and integrating Market Profile (how volume behaves at different prices and times) and Market Delta (how traders behave in their trade execution) to gain a dynamic sense of the psychology of the market.  The first day will be an introduction to these concepts and how they relate to one another; the two remaining days will focus on advanced integration of the approaches and their application.

There will be a free webinar on Tuesday, June 13th to introduce traders to the speakers and provide a flavor for what will be offered in the July event.  Here is the information regarding signing up for the webinar.

In my portion of the program, I will share specific techniques and research from my own trading that are relevant to reading market psychology.  I will also conduct group coaching sessions to address specific challenges that traders are facing in their own psychology.  The goal is to take away specific methods that can help move your trading forward.

If you decide to sign up for the Monday event only or sign up for the entire three-day event, you can use the code traderfeed50 for the Monday sign up or traderfeed500 for the entire event sign up.  That will take 50 and 500 dollars respectively off the registration fees for the events.

The webinar on Tuesday should give you a good idea of whether the program will be helpful to you and your trading.  Look forward to seeing you there!