Monday, March 06, 2017

Readings to Expand Our Trading Horizons

That's the beauty of gathering informed perspectives from across the financial world:  we gain perspective by standing apart from our own views.  Here are some great readings I've recently come across:

Investment advice from the world's greatest stock picker and what it means for the financial world.  This is very relevant for the retirement money you don't trade and put at day-to-day risk in markets but yet hope to build.

*  Why momentum is the premier anomaly in stock pricing and other great perspectives from Abnormal Returns.

An eye-opening assessment of why smart-beta strategies might not be so intelligent.  Note the interesting conclusion about complex market strategies.

Top trading articles from Steve Burns, including one on the highs we get from making money in markets.

A hard look at whether we can we trust academic research published in finance.  While the world is crowing over how quantitative approaches have taken over the world, the truth is that the ones making money are the ones that are methodologically sound.

*  Trading outcomes are just as much a result of cognitive skill as personality traits.  A different view with big implications for identifying talented traders.

Have a great start to the trading week!