Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Seeing Markets Better by Trading With Vision

As the saying goes, the risk is not in setting your sights too high and falling short.  The risk is setting your sights too low and succeeding.

In this post, Bella makes the important point that failure is an essential part of success.  When we discover the trading that works for us, we'll discover many approaches to trading that don't work for us.  Those will be "failures", but there will be important information in those failures.  The key is to fail in planned ways, with modest risk taking.  You can't find your success if you blow through your trading capital.  Developing as a trader is all about controlled failure and learning from what works and doesn't work.

This applies to life overall.  What in your life, right here and now, are you trying to accomplish that is truly remarkable?  What are you undertaking that is so important to you--so meaningful--that you're willing to try, fail, and keep trying?  Learning by trial and error and deliberate practice can be a tiring slog...it's the remarkable aspect of what we undertake that inspires us and gives us a sense of drive and purpose.  Few of us will push ourselves on the nitty gritty of day to day goals if we're not pulled by an exciting vision.  What keeps the athlete in the gym each day is the quest for the Olympics; what keeps the entrepreneur working 15+ hours a day is the vision of seeing a great idea come to life.

Daily goals channel our efforts.  Life goals inspire our efforts.

We best navigate the path to success if we travel it with vision.

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