Thursday, November 03, 2016

Mastering Trading Psychology: Free Webinar Today

We would never choose to trade in a noisy and polluted physical environment, and yet many times we find ourselves trading in the psychological equivalent.  When we are distracted, frustrated, and filled with negative thoughts, we unwittingly create an environment that works against our success.  That is why successful traders work on themselves and not just on their trading.

At 4:30 PM EST today, I will conduct the second webinar this week, this time focusing on psychological best practices and specific techniques for dealing with the psychological challenges of risk, reward, and uncertainty.  The free webinar is hosted by John Locke and team; a link for registration can be found here.

One unique aspect of the webinar is that I will be conducting most of it as a group coaching, where participants can bring their questions and challenges and I'll provide specific help in addressing those.  Hope to see you there!