Friday, August 19, 2016

Helpful Resources for Developing Traders

While it's true there are no elevators to success, having the right resources and making wise use of them can at least provide an escalator.  Here are some resources that might make your ascent just a bit less steep:

*  Trading methods:  The Become Your Own Trading Coach blog archives the best of past TraderFeed posts. 

*  News and blog feed:  FinViz News updates in real time.  

*  Learning markets:  The SMB training blog covers topics related to how they train new traders.  Check out this one on reading the tape.

*  Keeping on top of finance and more:  No one archives the best of the financial web as well as Abnormal Returns. 

*  Economic review and more:  Always solid insight from A Dash of Insight

*  Social media and networking:  Stock Twits is a great platform for seeing who is out there and who you want to follow.  Check out Steve Burns and See It Market.

Further Reading:  Three Things to Know About Any Market