Sunday, January 03, 2016

Doing More By Doing Less

Jeff Davis has recently posted on goals for 2016 and the importance of focus.  The idea is that we can often achieve more by eliminating the clutter from our lives and from our trading routines.

When we process data too broadly, we process nothing deeply.

When we process too much data, we actually lose information.

If you follow one course until you're successful, you cultivate expertise.  If you pursue many strategies simultaneously, it's difficult to master any.

My favorite approach to trading is to trade a known edge with consistency and to always be engaged in research to cultivate new sources of edge.  Development is a stair-step process of discovering the new, cementing it as expertise, and then engaging in further discovery.  We grow by learning new things and more things, and we grow by deepening the application of what we know already.

Too much trading is winging it, with no real plan to implement the old or develop the new.  As a result, a new year's experience becomes the old year repeated--not a fresh year of growth.  Go with the flow?  That only works for dead fish.  Better to focus and achieve targeted aims than to approach a year in scatter-shot fashion and accumulate little.

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