Thursday, October 01, 2015

Our Struggles Develop Our Strengths

This is a very important principle:  Our struggles develop our strengths.  Winning is the result of strengths; the struggles of training build those strengths.

One of the more important Forbes articles I've written recently helps to explain why some people succeed through struggles and why some don't. When we train, we develop our capacity to endure; our ability to access willpower's second wind.  We only get to that second wind if we're doing something we truly love.  It takes passion and purpose to fuel persistence. If we're not doing what speaks to us, what we find intrinsically interesting and rewarding, we never pour ourselves into our work and never reach the second wind that enables us to persist where others give up.

The last section of the article outlines a way we can identify what we're meant to be doing in life and trading.  Reverse engineer your sisu, your moments of second wind, and you can find your path.  Can there be anything more important?

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