Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Be Great at Networking

It was great meeting up with Jack Schwager, Peter Brandt, and a host of energetic and experienced traders at the recent Traders4ACause event.  I just posted an important article on four important takeaways from the conference that can benefit traders and investors alike.

I am a firm believer in the value of networking: connecting with the right people to expand our horizons and build effective professional and support systems. One of the best ways of adapting to changing markets is to observe how others we respect are adapting.  We can learn from our own strengths and weaknesses, but if we're observing the strengths and weaknesses of many others, our learning becomes exponential.

Sadly, most people are not good at networking.  They don't feel they have much to offer.  They tell themselves that they will lose their edge if they share too much.  They don't come to events prepared to give and that severely limits how much they'll receive.

I enjoy presenting at good conferences because I know that if I offer value, valuable colleagues will seek me out and I will leave with an enriched network. By focusing on what we can teach, we set ourselves up to attract eager, hungry, passionate minds--and then we learn from them.  

We become great at networking, not by focusing on what we can extract from others, but on the value that we bring to others.  Teach good people and you'll come away with valuable lessons.

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