Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beyond Coping: Living Life to Its Fullest

Traders write to me and talk with me about a lot of things.  Sometimes it's about problems they're having in their trading; sometimes it's trying to make sense of markets.

Few traders talk about new discoveries they've made; fresh challenges they've undertaken; or new and promising approaches they're taking to markets.

If I had to describe the stance of most traders I encounter through the blog, it would be "coping".  They're weathering the vicissitudes of markets, hoping to not blow up, hoping to get paid at the end of their efforts.

There's a lot to be said for coping, especially relative to the alternative.  

But there's nothing magical in coping; nothing energizing, ennobling, exciting, or stimulating.  It's no way to approach a marriage or a career. You might make it through and arrive safely as a well-preserved body, but have you lived?

My recent post outlined an experiment I'm conducting with my trading.  It might turn out well; it might go bust.  Part of the fun is finding out how the story ends.  Either way, I intend to arrive in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly worn out, happy for the ride.

May you live to be old and always live young.

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