Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Most Important Performance Principle of All

Perhaps this is the most important performance principle of all:  We internalize what we do repeatedly.  When we engage in behaviors again and again, those behaviors become a habitual part of us.

That can work for better or for worse.  It's an expression of the idea of "use it or lose it".  Our capacities never stay constant.  We either develop them or let them atrophy.  What we develop defines who we are.

This is why negative thinking is so damaging:  over time we internalize a negative sense of self.  It's also why it's important to develop ourselves cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Each day, each week, we either exercise those capacities or we lose just a bit of life fitness.  

What are the success behaviors you repeat day in and day out?  What are you exercising regularly and what has been going undeveloped?  Can we really expect to internalize a sense of success when we're not succeeding at the daily challenges we define for ourselves?

Here's an excellent resource from James Clear on building positive habit patterns.  

Who we are is an internalization of what we do.  Life is one big gym and each day is a potential workout.  What will you develop today?

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