Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Market and Trading Psychology Reading

*  We can add the above to the recent evidence of weak market breadth:  The number of NYSE shares closing above their upper Bollinger bands minus those closing below their lower bands has been tailing off, failing to confirm recent price highs.  In a new blog, Worch Capital offers a different and worthwhile perspective on divergences.

*   Thanks to @SpareRisk for passing along this golf feature relevant to trading on what it takes to succeed.  Lots of good perspective on grit and deliberate practice.  Love the part:  "Hitting balls isn't necessarily practice.  Practice should be purposeful."  Great issue for reflection:  Do we turn our trading into practice, and how purposeful is our practice?  

*    Credit to @derekhernquist for noting this interesting article on how not all the returns from skilled money managers come from the same place.  Very relevant to understanding--and leveraging--our own strengths as traders.

*  Thanks to @brussbowman for pointing out this article on mindfulness and the brain.  Very relevant to trading:  shrinking the "fight or flight" brain centers and building the centers controlling attention and concentration.  More on this topic to come.

Excellent reading from Abnormal Returns, which does a great job of categorizing reads to help site visitors focus on the content most relevant to them, from investing and finance to health, football, and entertainment.  Check out the podcast array as well--amazing what's out there for free.

*  Macro alert from Barry Ritholtz and David Kotok:  Why Turkey belongs on the radar. By the way, Barry has been assembling a very impressive lineup for the Masters in Business podcasts.

Have a great finish to the weekend--