Friday, January 31, 2014

TraderFeed Resumes Publication February 14th!

A small gray kitten sits in a cage in rural Kentucky.  She paws at the door, but no one comes.  With soft fur and an outgoing personality, she would normally be a good candidate for adoption.  But her right eye is severely inflamed and running.  It could be treated, but there's no reason for the shelter to undergo the expense.  You see, this is a "high kill" shelter:  over 90% of the animals will be put down if they're not adopted within weeks.  And, really, who will want a cat with active feline herpes virus and pending vet bills for her eye?

So our kitten remains in her cage, pawing the door.

Little does she know that all of that is about to change.  Within days, she will be teaching an important lesson to traders at a major financial institution.

What can traders learn from a gray kitten on death row??

That will be our first lesson in trading psychology when TraderFeed resumes publication on February 14th.