Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thanks to Readers: Lessons From The Blog

Dear Readers,

I am absolutely humbled by the large number of heartfelt responses to my recent blog post announcing that I will be winding down the blog. I've experienced many gratifying moments in my career, but few can compare with today. To be able to be a part of so many people's personal and professional development is a real honor.

In response to a question that many readers raised, yes, I will do everything I can to keep the blog up and archive "best of" posts. If, as expected, I do join a trading firm on a full-time basis, it is likely that my contract will prevent me from doing new writing. There is just too much room for conflict of interest if the firm is sharing its positions with me and then I'm writing about markets for the trading public.

Similarly, if I'm developing coaching innovations for the firm, they don't necessarily want me sharing those with others, including competitors.

So, for a while, I will take a break from writing. For many of the same reasons, I will need to take a break from trading.

I look back on the opportunities that have come from the blog--the books and book sales, the coaching opportunities, the valuable contacts and colleagues--and the return on the investment of my time has been immense. It's been phenomenally rewarding personally and emotionally, but it's also contributed to many hundreds of thousands of dollars of income. All without subscriptions. All without advertising.

And that's the thought I want to leave you with: If you put yourself out there, share your best ideas, reach out to people, and give more than anyone ever could expect you to give, you'll attract the right kinds of people--and the right kinds of opportunity. If you have passion and you have talent, make yourself visible: the best people will find their way to you and everyone will benefit.

Thanks again for your kind and warm support--