Monday, October 05, 2009

A Quick Look at Sector Performance on the Day

In upcoming posts, I'll be continuing to highlight worthwhile trading tools. This quick sector snapshot from FinViz, which I highlighted a while back, shows which sectors are outperforming to the upside (amount of green for each) and which are lagging (amount of black and red). Thus far, we see that financial stocks are doing relatively well, as are basic materials shares (reflecting commodity strength). The more defensive consumer staples and utilities issues are lagging on a relative basis.

Note how we can assess the overall strength/weakness of the market simply by seeing the balance between green and red. Days with a great deal of black show mixed performance and are characteristic of non-trending days. If you look within each sector (click on image above), you'll see which stocks within the groups are outperforming and underperforming: useful information for stock pickers.