Thursday, February 05, 2009

Reflections on Rules For Life

An interesting blog site asks contributors to submit their five rules for life, along with a sentence or two of explanation. It's a worthwhile exercise for reflection, because the rules ultimately have to be expressions of your deepest values and beliefs. Below are the five that I offered:

1) In life, do good and do well. Real success comes from pursuing your talents and enriching the world with their expression.

2) They lead best who follow their calling. Those who follow a genuine calling set an inspiring example with their actions.

3) Not all who rave are divinely inspired. Passion without wisdom is mere noise.

4) True love never dies; it has to be killed. Love is making another's happiness your own.

5) Be your ideals; in some measure, you're already the person you wish to become. Conscious living is striving to be who you are when you're at your best.

What are your five rules? Look at your trading, your relationships--your life: To what degree are you following your life rules? Can you really expect to follow trading rules if you're not true to your life's deepest values and convictions?