Friday, May 12, 2006

Ten Questions That Go Bump in the Night

Why do the gurus who proclaim a "feel" for the market tell us to eliminate emotions from trading?

Would 80% of traders make money instead of losing it by placing trades through "enrichers" instead of "brokers"?

Why do people who offer programs on making a living from trading make their livings from offering programs?

Why do beginners think they'd have an easier time beating professionals at trading than at golf, boxing, racecar driving, or chess?

Why are so many market newsletters bullish or bearish, when the most common market outcome is little or no change?

Why, in Dr. Brett's surveys, do three-quarters of all traders rate themselves above average?

Why are there no books on mastering the mental game of surgery or ballet?

What happens when contrary opinion is the dominant school of thought?

Why do trend followers follow trend following once it goes out of favor?

If exchanges make more money than brokers; brokers make more money than market makers; and market makers make more money than traders, is the answer to success in the markets to always have people who are your customers?


I want to thank readers for their interest in the new highs/new lows stats mentioned in my recent article. I'll continue to post those on my Weblog. Have a great weekend--