Thursday, December 01, 2005

Welcome to TraderFeed

TraderFeed is designed to meet a purpose different from my Trading Psychology Weblog. The Weblog provides free daily summaries of market activity, perspectives on market and trader psychology, and leading edge information on trader performance. TraderFeed brings historical analyses of market trading patterns to the desktops and mobile browsers of short-term equity and stock index traders, providing a potential edge for that day's trading. Traders are encouraged to subscribe to TraderFeed by adding the TraderFeed URL to their newsreader channels. The newsreader I use is FeedDemon; it is software based, highly flexible, and well-organized; also check out FeedBlitz as an update service. (Those using Mozilla's Thunderbird email/RSS reader application should use this TraderFeed URL to enter into Thunderbird). Once you add TraderFeed to your list of favorite news feeds, analyses of popular stocks and equity index futures based on historical data will be waiting for you ahead of the market open. TraderFeed is free and subscription via RSS is anonymous. You will never be subject to solicitations or spam. I appreciate your interest in TraderFeed. If you find it useful, please share with colleagues and consider linking to your site. It's my hope that it provides individual traders with a bit of the edge exploited by institutions.