Saturday, May 08, 2010

Best of TraderFeed 2010 - Volume One: Trading and Market Psychology

In anticipation of winding down the blog, I assembled highlight posts from January and February, 2010, covering trading psychology and market topics:

* Building Motivation Through Optimism

* Changing How We Think

* The Trading Process and Generating Trade Ideas

* Finding Your Solutions

* The Trading Process and Trade Execution

* Turning Trading Goals Into Performance

* Self-Appraisals for Traders

* Trading and Job Satisfaction

* Becoming a More Consistent Trader

* Coaching Fundamentals for Traders

* A Key to Trade Execution

* Trading Breakout Moves

* A Worthwhile Life Lesson

* Assessing Your Trading Edge

* Risk and Overtrading

* Defusing Trading Stress

* Know Who You Are as a Trader

* Ideas for Improving Your Trading

* The Essence of Greatness

* Play as a Key to Development

* A Psychological Checklist for Traders

* The Dark Side of Trading

* Reflections on Love

* Overcoming Psychological Trauma

* Simulation as a Key to Learning

* Building Market Intuition

* Frontiers for Trading Psychology

* Happiness and Quality of Life

* Greatness and Creativity in Trading

* Vitality and Success

* Finding Your Niche in Life and Trading

* Formatting Your Trading Journal



Toad said...

Thanks Doc!

Dr Bill said...

Dr Brett,
Just a quick question. Suppose for a minute that we can expect a 50% retracement or so back toward 666 on the S&P. It's unknowable at this point because we are going to see what role the algos had in Thursday's mess; someone is going to take action to curb them--the transaction tax, perhaps--and it is unknowable what impact that would have. So let me assume the bear side as the outcome.

How would you shape the tenor of your presentations? Worst case, the bear phase could be a 70's style retracement so that it would drip, drip, drip down. I want to thrive in that environment as well. Is it possible to be a happy undertaker of sorts?

I'm a numbers guy with no decisiveness, as my past posts to you indicate--you bring both the CBT and the level head to this stuff. What would you write in September if we found ourselves down 10% further?

Great wrap up--I wish there was an easy way to mass-copy all those links when you close your blogspot account. I DO, however, enjoy reading your Daily Trading Coach 101. I've set the goals, I've not traded backwards since, I've been stopped out of a good trade, and I have a good winner. I expect to continue this trend.

My best to you and yours,
Dr Bill

Andymid said...

Speaking as someone who has just found this useful blog - thanks a lot for compiling this list, it's very useful.

fred said...

Thanks Dr. Brett. Dr. Bill, with regard to the S&P, here's an interesting article on what may lie ahead, courtesy of John Paulson: