Sunday, May 09, 2010

Best of TraderFeed 2010 - Volume Two: Trading and Market Psychology

Here is the second and final installment of TraderFeed's Best of 2010 posts. You can find the first group of best posts here. The links below cover March - May, 2010.

* Suggestions for Your Trading Journal

* Why I Am A Trader

* Lessons From Blues Man

* Questions for Your Trading Business

* Strategy and Tactics in Trading; see also Grand Strategy and Tactics

* What to Look for in a Range Day

* Identifying Breakout Moves

* Best Practices for Traders

* Overcoming Trading Bias

* Failed Breakouts and Patterns to Trade

* Overcoming Large Trading Losses

* Exiting the Performance Roller Coaster

* When Trading Becomes an Addictive Problem

* Accessing Inner Expertise

* Listening to the Market's Communications

* Keys to Daytrading Success

* The Value of Keeping Score

* The Importance of Goal Setting

* Hidden Volatility Assumptions in Our Trading

* Calculating Price Targets; See also Defining Effective Targets and Alternative Targets

* The Perils of Impotent Goals

* Productivity in Life and Trading

* Considerations in Selecting a Trading Coach

* Core Competencies of Successful Traders

* Stress, Burnout, and Renewal in Trading

* How to Grow Your Trading Size

* Creating Change With Imagery, Visualization, and Anchoring

* Keeping Your Eyes on Ideals

* The Role of Vicarious Trauma in Shaping Identity

* Assessing Your Trading

* Coaching Insights for Traders; also see More Insights for Traders

* The Four-Leaf Clover Principle

* How Body Becomes Soul

* What New Traders Most Need; see also What Competent Traders Most Need

* Trading and Self-Development: Links to Core Ideas in Trading Psychology

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