Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Look at Dr. Brett's Quote Boards

If you click on the above, you'll see the 40 stocks in my basket as displayed on two of my quote boards (e-Signal platform). They are arranged by S&P 500 sector; red means they're trading down from their open, green means they're trading up from their open.

There's a bullish bias, with 25 stocks up, 15 down; energy and financial stock sectors are weighing down the S&P 500 Index; large tech stocks are also showing some weakness from the open. Industrial, consumer discretionary, and health care stocks are showing strength.

A simple display such as this is quite useful in gauging trending vs. rotational environments. Much of the work of making sense of markets can be simplified by creating displays that are well-organized and laid out for your needs. In a glance, I can infer where there is strength and weakness, as well as the balance between the two.