Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Look at Dr. Brett's Quote Boards

If you click on the above, you'll see the 40 stocks in my basket as displayed on two of my quote boards (e-Signal platform). They are arranged by S&P 500 sector; red means they're trading down from their open, green means they're trading up from their open.

There's a bullish bias, with 25 stocks up, 15 down; energy and financial stock sectors are weighing down the S&P 500 Index; large tech stocks are also showing some weakness from the open. Industrial, consumer discretionary, and health care stocks are showing strength.

A simple display such as this is quite useful in gauging trending vs. rotational environments. Much of the work of making sense of markets can be simplified by creating displays that are well-organized and laid out for your needs. In a glance, I can infer where there is strength and weakness, as well as the balance between the two.


chartingstock said...

Great Quote Display, Keep Up the Good Work!

Adam said...

Is there any criteria that you use to include in this basket? Does watching this basket give you any directional edge for the day?

Daniel said...

Your quote boards are as organized and structured as your thought, and as beautifully laid out as your excellent grammatical writing and referencing.

The Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, was fanatical about having consistency and intelligence of layout, in any of their data-rich Field Intelligence forms. They believed that the presentation of data was integral to the ease of absorption; and that ease of absorption was integral to high-speed interpretation.

Considering they have been one of the top agencies in the world for a long time, they are probably right. (Above info was true as of the 1980s and 1990s, when I read it... may still be...)

It also helps us to grok and decipher the Tweets, to be able to see the structured screens you are observing in realtime.

Again, thanks for sharing!


Michele said...

Thank you very much for sharing your lists. I have a similar setup, only I sort mine by percentage change. This makes it easy to see who the big winners and losers are as well as the ratio of gainers to decliners. I also use the short data mode to reduce clutter. It doesn't matter to me that CVX is really at 69.2126 rather than 69.21.

Kandalaya said...


Have you considered using sector ETF's as opposed to individual stocks? Do you feel like you might lose some refinement in your gauge of what is pushing the indices if you use ETF's?