Friday, May 29, 2015

When Coaching Is Not The Answer

Here are a few situations that I've encountered recently with traders:

*  A trader who showed talent but also tended to overtrade tried psychological exercises, journaling, reading books, and speaking with a coach.  Upon review, the trader appeared to have a lifelong pattern of poor attention.  A more formal evaluation did indeed find evidence of an attention deficit disorder.  The trader started on a new medication and has had far greater success with consistency in his trading.

*  A trader who made bad decisions during moody periods reported getting little joy from trading, despite working long hours.  A thorough evaluation found that he was experiencing little happiness overall, even in situations that normally would make a person happy.  He was evaluated for a form of depression known as dysthymia and started on a medication.  His sleeping, eating, and mood improved, as did his trading.

*  A trader who experienced unusual winning and losing streaks nearly blew up in his trading.  He described a pattern of past overuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as gambling binges.  He recently had been drinking to excess, especially after doing well in his trading.  He entered a program for addictions and began viewing his trading as part of an addictive pattern that he needed to change.

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Sometimes it's not about "controlling your emotions", "following your plan", or any of the well-intended advice given by mentors and coaches.

Sometimes an emotional problem is the result of a diagnosable disorder.   

It starts with a competent evaluation.

Make sure whomever you work with is competent to perform competent evaluations.

Coaches coach.  Mentors mentor.  Very often, they are not qualified to diagnose a disorder; nor are they financially incentivized to make referrals to medical and mental health professionals.  When all you have is a hammer, everything becomes a nail.  But not all problems that affect trading are trading problems.  And sometimes limitations are not just self-imposed beliefs, but very real disorders.

If you've been experiencing repeated problems and self-help has not been enough, reach out for qualified help.  It could make a huge difference in your life--and in your trading.

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