Thursday, April 01, 2010

Advice on Joining or Forming a Virtual Trading Group

I've been impressed with the number of readers who have expressed an interest in forming or joining a virtual trading coach, per the comments to my recent post.

In keeping with my suggestions regarding networking, I would like to second the ideas tossed out by a few traders that interested participants do more than simply indicate their availability. By outlining what markets you trade, how you trade them, how long you've traded, and what you're looking for in a group, you will help others reach out to you. It will also make it easier for others to respond to you should you reach out to them.

The key to making groups work is to find common interests and complementary skill sets. It's just as important to identify what you would bring to a group as what you hope to get out of it. The more you can make those things visible, the easier it will be for you to connect with others.


TradeMind said...

Hi Brett, I'm planning on building an online survey questionnaire with available results. I'm planning on getting it out there for people to respond to by the end of the weekend at the latest.

Thanks for giving us this great opportunity to connect.

Regards and Good Trading,

Andrew P.

Kishan Bobba said...

I am trader from India and I trade in Nifty. I would like to join in the group

Soham Das said...

My 0.02$.

I think, we have multiple ways to go forward from here.

IMO, as TradeMind put forward,we do need to create a social network using the freely available platforms on web.

I was part of a group called Open Coffee Club (no,this has nothing to do with Java and Barista),which used Ning to form a local social network.

Perhaps we can use it.


TradeMind said...

Below is a link that will direct you to the initial version of the form.Please don't submit any answers yet.My goal is to publish the survey by this weekend, so if anyone has any additional input or stones to throw, please let me know before the weekend so i can make the changes. Some questions might seem redundant, but the intent i had was to provide as much information in order to provide a complete trader/investor profile.

This is the link to the form:

Again, please don't submit any responses yet. I would like to get your feedback first and submit a final version of this form.


Wouter said...

Hi Brett,

I am reading your blog everyday with pleasure and I like the idea of a trading group. is my own website where I post my weekly review and my view on next week to share with others. I have also placed my trading strategy on the site. Since I am not a full time trader it is hard to maintain a blog as you do so successfully. Many thanks!!! If we start a group, tell me where I could join or let me know if you need assistance. I could create such a forum group on my website for example with no extra efforts. The trick is to find traders who are willing to share knowledge and success...


Bernard said...

Dr Brett I have been learning to trade for a living since 2005 with patchy success. I have now been SIM trading the ES for a month after being inspired by your 3 books particularly Enhancing Trader Performance which I am using as a blueprint for my trading journey. I have sought out a 1 on 1 mentor for the EMinis and will taking that training in 1 months time. I would be interested in joining a SKYPE group that just trades the EMINIS where we could share our experiences each day in a chat room. I have been particularly impressed by the work of Al Brooks who trades the ES off a 5 min chart with no indicators at all. His book Reading Price Charts bar by bar is a gem and is the basis for my own approach. If there are any Al Brooks devotees out there who have a SKYPE group I would love to be involved.

passiontotrade said...

To TradeMind: I like your survey. I think some of the choices should be check boxes instead of radio buttons or vice versa. I also think you need a question about time of day trading and a question about whether you work at it full time.

I think a google group or a yahoo group would be a good way to communicate initially until the subgroups of like-minded traders form.

What seems to be missing is Brett's original idea of what a group could accomplish from his post titled:
on March 30.

In this article, he thought the benefit would be:

They have to be conditions in which it is OK to make mistakes, but important to learn from those. They have to be conditions in which traders can count on regular feedback to guide their efforts. They have to be conditions in which clear, attainable goals guide development and learning.

TradeMind said...

Thanks passiontotrade, i think i will have to also integrate the excellent ideas Dr. Brett provided in his most recent feedback.

Gangineni Dhananjhay said...

I am a trader from India and keen student of markets. Pl count me in for the group. I appreciate Soham Das' blog and comments.


Gangineni Dhananjhay

Oyechata said...

We have a free user virtual trading group. It´s name is Rankia on Paltalk (
Everybody will be wellcome