Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday News, Views, and Review

* How is personality related to trading success?

* How to turn stress into positive emotion;

* Gauging three states in markets: uptrending, downtrending, mean reverting;

* Rising Federal spending posing economic challenges;

* Fed insider's perspective on the shortcomings of proposed financial reform;

* Marriage can be good for your health;

* Investors returning to hedge funds;

* Reverberations of allegations of fraud at GS; more on the GS transactions;

* And now allegations against MER;

* Concerns resurface in Dubai;

* Economic repercussions of Iceland's volcanic eruption;

* Preview of economic numbers coming out.

1 comment:

tom brakke said...

I'll add this one to the pile, Brett, because it's important for traders to understand the culture of the big firms that control the rules of playing in the street.