Monday, April 06, 2009

Dr. Brett's Midday Rant

OK, just a quick rant.

I've been getting a number of emails lately. They share several characteristics:

1) They're written by people who I do not know, do not know me, and have never shown prior interest in the blog or anything else I've done;

2) They begin with no personal introduction whatsoever, quelling any possible doubt as to the writer's utter lack of social skills;

3) They launch into a description of some product or service that the writer would like me to market for them;

4) They elaborate even further promotions that I could perform on their behalf;

5) They offer nary a fig leaf of consideration or compensation for the advertising and public relations I am supposed to perform.

So, to all self-promoters who contemplate one of these emails in the future, I offer this question: How is your communication to me different from going into a bar, approaching the nearest reasonably attractive female, and asking her to f*ck?

No prior acquaintance.
No introduction or conversation.
No pretense at a two-way exchange of value.
Just presumption and absorption in your own need.

And, no, I don't want any consideration or compensation for promoting other people. It's about promoting ideas, promoting the best within people. Speak to that and we'll have a conversation. Otherwise, save the lame pick-up lines for your fellow market idiots.

There. Now I feel much better. :-)


Ziad said...

Love it!!! :)

Homer said...

Well said! Dr. Brett

[K2] said...

I liked the bar analogy :]

Nice one. It works sometimes though. :)

God I wish this would break down. Selling all pops not getting the runs I want though.

Brian said...

LMAO, nice to see the Dr. gets riled up on occasion too...

Slow moving markets make for fitful moods....

Thanks for keeping it real!

Randy Reis said...

You go Dr. Brett!! Actually, take a deep breath, mediatte a few minutes....and don't let this affect your trading!

jsever said...

You are probably being targeted by some bonehead Blog trasher. These people come to your site and leave irritating comments designed to get under your skin. Then they must revel in seeing you respond. Just block them and never respond otherwise you would be permitting, enabling and rewarding unacceptable behavior.

By the way, I just recently started following your site. It is great. I really appreciate your insightful technical analysis. And, for what it's worth, I just bought your three most recent books... I look forward to reading them.

Keep it up.


Mike Olivera said...

It sometimes appears that people believe the internet is automatic permission to be thoughtless, self-seeking, and just downright rude.

On another subject, I wanted to tell you how much assistance your book 'The Psychology of Trading' and this blog have been to my budding trading career. Please keep up the great work, it is really appreciated.

Mike O.

Aaron R. said...

You go now, Dr. Brett!

For every clown who presumes upon your openness and accessibility, there are probably hundreds/thousands of us who truly appreciate your valuable advice, articles, blog posts, tweets, etc. I am one of your grateful readers, and I just wanted to say thank you for your volumes of web content and practical advice.

Aaron Rogers

SSK said...

Hello Brett, thanks for the link to the "Three Market Idiots"! Keep up the good work! Best, SSK

Daniel said...

Fine, thanks for sharing.

Hit the spam button; then go listen to your music, loud, and then get back to feeding us data.

Get used to it.

Beautiful girls in bars get used to it. People are crazy, Earth is officially classified, in traditional Buddhism, as a midrange or "Lesser Hell", so this is the planet we all live on and maybe even chose to live on, so get your gameface back on and feed us data.

We are ultrashort term oversold, short term overbought, and long term majorly oversold.

If ever there were a time for your Descriptic Readout systems to guide us, it is NOW.

Thanks much.


trader1968 said...

LOL, I love it Brett! These are the same guys that never get laid either.

Panama said...

Brett, the first European settlers of America criticized the original Native Americans of being too selfless to be civilized they were removed. American culture is built on self interest, however, you are the most sharing professional I know and I hope you find a way to survive without changing too much. You give me hope for the future of this world despite the selfishness and dominance of the American Empire!

TTmarun said...

LOL!! whatever it takes to survive those clowns, let-er it rip Dr..

i don't know how yu can take it?? yur patients and tolerance is beyond mine.

thx for sticking with it in spite of those self-seeking hustlers..


otterby said...

you've made my day..

John Gilner said...

Perfect! I'm not alone in knowing you have the moral high ground here.

OKL said...

Way to go Doc!

Keith Shepard said...

Ah, I see you got my email...

abel said...

Too funny! Alright, I gotta pull this one outta the closet and take it for a walk..."When you're good, you're good, but when you're bad, you're better!"

The only thing funnier might be to actually post examples of the lame emails, but that might be a desirable outcome for those that have no shame.

Thanks for making my day!

Jorge said...

Dr. Steenbarger,

You mean you're not linking to my HolyGrail subscription page?! f@#~$!

I suggest you move your blog to Wordpress (more control over your content than in blogger) and ban those bastards - due to the huge amount of content in your blog if you need any premium services, storage or whatever, you're more than welcome to foot me the bill :).

Otherwise, check out (ok, yes, I know this is probably not the best post in which to recommend a link, hahaha):


Your patience is our blessing, thank you for all you do for independent traders.

Best trading to all,


Morad Askar said...

Too funny. By the way, love the twitter updates.

heywally said...

Brett, all you do is take take take.

My guess is that the more well known that you become, the more the lowest common denominator will attempt to exploit you.

Death Cab For Cutie:

procol said...

This kind of approach is used because it works often enough to be useful to the clods that employ it.

It says more about those that RESPOND to such pitiful approaches than it does about the approacher.

Nothing new here. Most advertisements on TV and Radio are at the same level of idiocy.

bretddog said...

just a quick question:
Did you by any chance go heavy short at 11:30 today?

SnapTrader said...

I love it! Nice going Doc.

Michele said...

Sigh - such is the way of the web. Welcome to celebrity in the 21st century. I've been following you for a couple of years now and have deliberately avoided writing lately because I'm amazed at how you find the time to do everything you do withot even considering emails. I figure you don't need any more distractions.

Robert said...

Dr Brett
You give us so much, All the work you offer us,is greatly appreciated.
Thank You

MACDOW said...

Dr Brett
I think you should have had your bio feedback unit on when you penned this post. We all prefer you without excessive commercial sidekicks and other peoples ideas. We like your writing and your ideas thats why we buy your books and read your blog every day.
Keep it up and well done.


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the comments (and support)!


Randy Reis said...

Dr Brett, you don't have to thank me, its the other way around. Even if my trading doesn't turn around ( and I am sure it will), your writings have made me see how things that I do are the result of things in my past, things that have not really worked for me in a long time, now its time for "Change". So Thank You, Doc.


PS I traded up at SMB a while back, Mike and Steve are great guys, in fact I believe I introduced them to your blog, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, all the best!