Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trading and Market Psychology: The Best of TraderFeed 2008 - Volume Four

Here is the final installment of the best trading and market psychology posts from the past year, with this group coming from the final quarter of 2008. I have archived links to the first three quarters, as well as the top posts from 2007 and the best of 2006. Happy reading!

Trading the Way You Want to Trade

The Financial Panic of 2008

The Need to be Right vs. the Need to Make Money

Finding Opportunity in Crisis

Two Common Trading Problems

Breaking Problem Cycles in Trading

Five Positive Trading Behaviors

Neuroeconomics and Trading

Learning How to Trade

When to Cut Your Size

Learning to Lose

Learning by Reviewing

Training Traders for Success

A Cognitive View of Trader Performance

Staying Cool in Hot Trading

Creativity and Trading; Conflict and Creativity in Trading

Stress and Trading Performance

Three Common Trading Mistakes

Setting Effective Trading Goals

Turning Goals into Habits

Constructing and Interpreting Cumulative Adjusted TICK

Can I Trade for a Living?

Finding Successful Traders; Five Qualities of Successful New Traders

Trading With a Plan

Implicit Learning and Trading Performance; Implicit Learning and Self-Regulation


IDkit aka Ana said...

Brett, thank you for compiling the last quarter of the Best of TraderFeed 2008 which I shall put in my records for reference.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks, Ana; I appreciate the interest and support--