Friday, February 27, 2009

Sneak Preview of The Daily Trading Coach

My new book, The Daily Trading Coach, was written explicitly as a self-help trading psychology resource for traders. It consists of 101 short "lessons", covering everything from behavioral techniques to regulate emotion to strategies for managing a trading business. Material on risk management, the use of Excel to identify historical trading patterns, and self-coaching perspectives from leading blogger/traders will be new, even to regular blog readers.

Thanks to publisher Wiley, a free sample chapter of the book is now available. The volume will be available in March and is being nicely discounted on the Amazon site. My goal was to write a highly useful guide for traders that would also be highly affordable for developing traders. I appreciate the cooperation between Amazon and Wiley in making the text available for under $30.00.


Jorge said...

Dr. Steenbarger,

All that in just one chapter? You're spoiling us! Love the format, by the way.

Three more weeks, three more weeks... breathe, breathe...

Best trading,


Trader M said...

Very cool Brett!

I'll go take a look at the chapter as soon as I finish my homework (posting my daily trading results).

Triathlon Trader said...

Thank you for sharing Dr. Brett. I cant wait til the book is released. We have been waiting a long time.


Richard said...

Fascinating stuff. Is the Excel work likely to work in other spreadsheets? Particularly OpenOffice - speaking as a Linux user :-)

Lavonne said...

Dr. B,

Thanks so much for posting the first chapter. I'd already read the excerpt on Amazon (and pre-ordered the book) but I just got a new idea from the 'Coaching Cue' in this additional material for improving my daily visualization exercises.

I've struggled with trading visualization exercises before, finding them too abstract to have any real impact for me, but after reading what your Amazon excerpt about really needing to have an emotional connection to the goal being visualized, I sat at my keyboard with my screens up (before the market open) and poised my fingers over the keyboard and then did the exercise, really focusing on the feeling part. The hairs on my arms actually stood up when I 'got it.' The difference between my prior attempts at visualization and doing it this way was huge. Late on the first day I tried it this new way, when I was struggling with a trading situation, I closed my eyes briefly and returned to that mental moment and found it extremely helpful to prod me to do the right thing.

You are such a blessing!

Best always,

Jorge said...

PS: As a side note for European traders, The Daily Trading Coach - a steal in any currency :) - is even more affordable in the UK Amazon store (<19 GBP; <27 USD; <22 EUR)and delivery is way faster

Mark Wolfinger said...

Congratulations. Nicely done.

Thanks for the excellent, and lengthy, excerpt.


SSK said...

Hello Brett, thank you for the glimpse. Very exciting indeed, well written. In chp 8, very interesting points regarding creating scripts for life change. In my life over the last month, I took of the whole month of trading due to a death in the family, and some of the time was spent on family issues, but a lot of the time was spent on working on a problem of mine that has been a life problem, and of course spills over into my trading, that is impulsiveness, or impatience. Well to work on that issue, I decided that since I needed a new computer with better preformance, that I would learn how to build onemyself. Hence, a freind gave me a parts list that would have sufficed, but knowing that would have been the easy way out, I decided to read review after review, wait for sales and rebates,(even though I wanted to build it now,and could have, kept reading forums, and not only am I learning many things in the context of building a computer, I was able to in the end to aquire even better parts at better prices and build an even better box due to my new found quality of PATIENCE. Even though I was not active in the market during Feb, I did watch certain days in the back ground while studing computer hardware,with a much more relaxed feeling, knowing that my best trades occured when I was not hasty. My real life experience in that different field, ineffect reframed the role in which I was a participant,acting out a new role, as did the fellow that started to exercise,in your example in chp 8. I look foward in seeing the real life change upcoming this month, when I get back to trading. I can say this, I have never been this patient in anything I have ever done. I have never taken a week to make a decision about anything, but so far, it has been about a week per hardware purchase!Its a good feeling! Thanks agian, Best, SSK

Plan your trades. Trade your plan said...

Dr. Steenbarger,
I have been a follower of your blog for the past year and i must say that Chapter 1 of your new book is brilliant!
I started trading with the common goal of growing my capital, but along the way i never thought i would learn so much about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Trading has really helped me discover the type of person i really am. I will be looking forward to your book !

IDkit aka Ana said...

Congratulations, Brett.

The first chapter :Change - is so apt a title.

Even when doing our analysis, we need to change when the market changes its course.

We need to stream our visualization with our affirmations.

Thank you for your contributions to the trading community worldwide.


StockGuy said...

Hi Brett,
Long time silent reader, appreciate your work. Will definetly buy the book


Sandy said...'s on order and a bargain IMO. Thanks Dr B.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks to all for the kind and supportive comments. I hope the book proves to be a helpful resource--