Saturday, May 01, 2010

Using Twitter for Reader Updates

As noted a little while ago, I am in the process of winding down the TraderFeed blog. My continued thanks to supportive readers; I do intend to keep the blog up as an archive for future reference. In addition, before winding down altogether I'll be finishing my series of posts on "core ideas in trading psychology" and will assemble a "best of" set of links for 2010 (along with the links from prior years).

One enjoyable aspect of the blog has been linking to mainstream media stories and posts from other blogs that shed light on markets and trading. Going forward, I will use Twitter to link to particularly insightful material; you can follow the Twitter stream here. My new work will prevent me from directly commenting on markets--there's just too much room for perceived breach of confidentiality given that I'll have access to all trading at the firm--but I will look forward to highlighting good resources when I find them.

Unfortunately, for the same reasons of confidentiality, I will not be able to respond to market- or coaching-related emails going forward.

Thanks for your interest and understanding--



R said...

Good Luck Dr Brett and God bless you.


Gustavo's Trades said...

As always, good luck Brett! May all your goals come true!


skogie said...

A recommended reading list (published books) would be fantastic too. Thanks for everything.

Kang said...

thx for keeping the blog and twitter up. will you also continue to post the daily pivots every night?

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Many thanks for the kind comments.

Kang, I will keep the blog up and link to interesting items via Twitter, but will not be posting information (indicators, pivot targets, etc) about the markets.


Michael said...

Dr Brett,
Thank you for keeping the blog up as an archive. There is so much learning here! Your contributions are absolutely outstanding.