Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Insights and Highlights

* The dangers of micromanaging trades;
* What goes into emotional well-being and why it's important;
* Great list of deep market truths;
* Views on higher interest rates and other excellent reading;
* Finding a bearish edge in the low volume rise;
* What's driving the housing market in Southern California;
* Here's the way to keep up with the latest among financial blogs.


madi said...

I really like the Four Pillars!

Ebisu said...

The list of "deep truths" is sketchy at best; the first 3 are hogwash; when the fed says it is going to "pump liquidity into the market", isn't that just another way of saying that it is going to prop up the market? And anyone with a solid technical foundation (like me) will argue that it is precisely via "technicals", in greater or lesser detail, by which the market behaves. Good stocks go down if the broad market goes down, bad stocks go up if the broad market goes up.