Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Holiday Weekend Reading

* One of my better posts: the most important source of trader self-sabotage;

* Lessons learned from writing this blog;

* Interesting pivot indicator from BZB Trader;

* Improvement on the jobs front;

* Thanks to a sharp reader for the link to this multimedia view of the increase in unemployment;

* Comparison of job losses across recessionary periods;

* Top reads from Abnormal Returns;

* Here's a fresh short-squeeze portfolio;

* Four promising dividend stocks;

* Different ETFs for playing China.


jolo said...

Dr. BS
i discovered your psyc of trdg book in 2003 or 04 .... bought your coach book recently and found your blog through it....i had to ask my son about this blogging stuff and he gave me crash course on getting connected .... this will be my first ever blog comment.... maybe my last... my kids would say i'm old school ... but they love me anyway... i've been trading currency futures for 12years and have never traded a stock. MOST all of the books i've read over the past decade contained more juice than pulp. Your coach book on the other hand can indeed teach (coach) an old dog into doing a few new tricks. i told my wife you shot yourself in the foot by marketing this book to traders. she read it and agrees. i have suggested your book to people who i assume will never trade a market and they enjoy it. i'm sure your blog readers all have a copy of your coach book either on their trading desk or in their trading bookcase. if not i will suggest here .. GET IT.. i have no intention of becoming a blogging dude... however i did have my computer set up to post a comment on yours. seems like fart in the wind to post six (6)letters on the internet...


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Many thanks, Jolo. You're absolutely right: the best lessons apply not just to trading, but to life itself. Best of luck in your trading--


Edgehunters said...

Hi Dr Brett

With regards to Your 'Lessons learned' post.

As a person new to blogging. I am already finding that the fact of recording my thoughts and feelings on the blog is helping my sports investing in ways that I had never even considered before I started the blog.
All of that said I do sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed by all of the tasks involved in running my blog.

Could you advise from your personal experience on how you mananage to priorities your workload for this extremely successful (and I would imagine extremely demanding) blog.