Thursday, January 21, 2010

Views and News for a Thursday

* Removing the Self, Not Positive Thinking, Aids the Active Trader;

* The Tricky Psychology of P/L;

* Indications of Shift in Monetary Policy in China Amidst Signs of Strong Growth;

* Excellent Post on the Blurring of Fiscal and Monetary Policy in U.S.;

* Nice Graphics of What's Strong and Weak;

* Limiting Prop Trading at Banks;

* Recession's Impact on College Freshmen;

* IMF Borrowers in Trouble; Sovereign Debt Crisis Coming?

* PIMCO Hedging Bets on U.S. Debt.


SSK said...

What a nice trend day we are undergoing today! Been a while since we had a morning session like this! Nice increasing volume on 2nd deviation hits on the tick in the ES.A nice gap below us at 1103 from 122109 that could be a target if this pattern continues, A nice expanded range with one time frame sellers. Thanks for your insights! Best, SSK

bruce said...

thought you might like this one

madi said...

I love these posts. This is exactly what I was trying to tell this fella who was trading w/ me today on igoogle chat. He's watching 7 indicators to give him a signal, instead of getting a feel for what's going on organically in the market and relying on his own ability. I'm going to forward your post to him.
- Madi