Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Trading Resources You Might Not Be Aware Of

* Market Data - A wealth of data can be found on the Online Wall St. Journal site. Also check out news and data from Reuters.

* Researching ETFs - ETF Connect offers broad coverage and excellent summaries of the various ETF alternatives.

* World News - Here's global news organized by feeds, an excellent feature assembled by NewsFlashr.

* Stock Picking Resource - StockScouter from MSN Money is an excellent research tool.

* Creative Charts - The StockCharts site features market carpets that summarize performance across markets and drill down to individual sectors.

* Tracking Markets - The Barchart site enables you to follow currencies, energies, financials, and more.

* Global Financial TV - You can watch Bloomberg TV from around the world by going to their site and launching their video player from the left hand tool bar.


VB said...

Another 11 AM (ET)day.
The sure way to make money theses days, is to wait until 11 AM (ET),and then buy S&P futures...
"Nobody" knows why this is, but there is no doubt it has worked from some time now...

Trader said...

Nice list, I would add and

Mark Wolfinger said...

Excellent post. I'd like my readers to be aware of today's entry and am going to link to it from my site at

This point must be emphasized (as often as necessary):

"It's difficult to succeed at trading, but--given rapidly changing market conditions--even more difficult to sustain success. It's not good enough to find winning trading techniques; one has to continually adapt these techniques to an ever-changing environment."

Mark Wolfinger

D TradeIdeas said...

Dear Brett,

I have to chime in here with a mention of the free available scanning resources at []. In addition to the pre-configured scans, you can also create your own from our extensive filters using End of Day data as well as create intraday scans that update every 15 minutes or so.

Hope all is well.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the suggestions re: other fine trading resources. I want to vouch for David's work with Trade Ideas: great tools for tracking market patterns in real time.