Monday, November 19, 2007

TraderFeed FAQ: Ten Common Questions and Replies

Some questions so commonly appear in my email inbox that I thought I'd write an all-purpose FAQ post. Here are ten common questions that most often get a "no, but" answer:

1) Do you exchange links? (No, but if you have something free and educational of special interest to TraderFeed readers, send me the URL and I'll link in a future post.)

2) Do you coach traders? (No, my work is limited to trading firms, including hedge funds, investment banks, and proprietary shops, but I'll be happy to make a referral if you let me know what you want to work on.)

3) Can I publish your posts on my site? (No, I'm not looking for wider exposure, but if you have something free and educational of special interest to TraderFeed readers, send me the URL and I'll link in a future post).

4) What are your advertising rates? (None, this is not a commercial site, but I can recommend fine blogs that do take advertising).

5) Would you mention my (book, software, services, etc.) on your site? (No, I'm swamped with these requests, but if you have an informative Website that describes your offerings, I'd be happy to link in an upcoming post).

6) Could you help me find a job at a trading firm? (No, but I can point you in some general directions if you tell me the kind of firm you're looking for).

7) We have a new service that can get you more exposure... (No, I'm not looking for publicity or exposure, but if you have a free, informative site about your service, I'd be happy to link in an upcoming post).

8) Could you tell me how to compute (chart, interpret, etc.) your market indicator? (No, some of my research is proprietary, but I'll be happy to explain its logic and direct you to posts on the topic).

9) Could you speak to our group of traders? (No, my road schedule has become onerous, but I'd consider doing a Webinar free of charge if you can set it up and publicize).

10) Could I call you (or get together with you)? (No, the number of times in a year that I socialize with people other than my wife and kids fits on one hand; time just doesn't permit. But if you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them electronically).

I do welcome questions about blog posts and trading topics; posting those in the comments section of the blog is the best way to draw upon the expertise of readers. Thanks for your understanding (as I look at my email inbox hit 941).



BirdMan said...

Dr. Brett:

Ha - and well done! Now about that pro bono speaking engagement on Christmas eve...


louminn said...

With the exception of #10 this is why I visit this blog multiple times a day... P.S. mom says the turkey will be served at 2PM... Thanks for all your work on this Blog.

Lugo said...


After the post "What Resources Have Helped Your Trading?", one of the subjects I would like you explore and may be others can share too is the Trading Setup. How do people trade? What they look and what they monitor before, during and after trading hours.

Being a fulltime IT guy for over 14 years and trading after hours for almost one year one of the things I'd love to have it's a kind of operational guide for my daily trading routines. I find very usefull (priceless to be more precise) to learn from others how people trade. I'm not refering to their trading systems but HOW they trade. I can give some examples:

1. How many computers and monitors do you use? What software do you use?
Two monitors, one laptop for emergency; my broker software, TradeStation is coming.

2. What do you have in your screen all the time?
Stock Futures (YM, ES, NQ), Currency Futures (EC, JY, BP), plus Gold, Oil and VIX.
Once in a while I take a look to sector ETFs

Would people mind to share a print screen so that we can see their charts/prices layouts?

3. What timeframe do you monitor those instruments?
M15, M30, H1, H4 with no open trade; plus M1 or M5 if I have one open trade

4. What news sources do you closely monitor?
Bloomberg TV

5. What's your daily routine? Again being an IT guy I'd love to have a kind of operational guide for my daily trading routines.

Of course the answers to these questions will very much depend of the kind of trader (scalping, swing,...) and what they trade (stocks, options, futures, forex,...). But I think it would be very useful special for the rookies as myself to learn from the more experience ones.

Please do add more questions people could share their experience.

Many Thanks,

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for the comments on the FAQ post. I think it could be interesting to share ideas re: trading setups, what people monitor, etc. For the record, I have two screens and very regularly monitor ES, NQ, ER2 futures, sector indices, NYSE TICK, interest rates, currencies, and Market Delta.


Big G said...


How to I receive and filter adjusted NYSE tick as youhave recommended to see volume trends at bid/offer? Do Ineed MarketDelta to do the things you recommended? Do these features come with most platforms like Thompson? thanks so much

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi Big G,

NYSE TICK is not a volume measure. To assess volume at bid vs offer, you'd need the Market Delta app.


Quarrel said...

Hi Brett,

might seem a bit out of place, but what's your Phd in? Your brief bio doesn't seem to mention it and neither does the FAQ.

Was just describing your blog briefly to my wife and mentioned you've got a Phd and suggested it was in psych, but turns out its not easy to find on your sight with a quick glance anyway.

Thanks. I enjoy the blog.


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Hi Quarrel,

Actually, it's a very good and legit question! My Ph.D. is in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas (1982); my baccalaureate degree is from Duke University (1976).