Monday, April 30, 2007

A Unique Financial Blog Site and Data Source

I greatly enjoy exploring new trading resources; so much new is developed all the time. One excellent blog site that I've been visiting is Between the Hedges. This site does a great job of wrapping up the market at the end of a day/week and preparing for the coming day. Gary also tracks the performance of his own portfolio and combs through interesting sources of financial data that may not be familiar to traders. His exhaustive collection of links includes sources of economic and market data, as well as news from around the world. He also provides links to a variety of screening tools and sources of information on individual stocks.

Some of the more interesting data sources linked by Between the Hedges are Hot Spots, Chart Toppers, Option Dragon, Market Gauges, and a heatmap of style performance.

Hats off to Gary for an excellent resource.


Gary said...

Thank you very much. I greatly enjoy your work, as well.

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks, Gary; your site is a real treasure trove of info--


marketreflections said...

Hi, Brett:
I actually quoted that website in my daily commentary on

Thanks and if you could write more about market makers and WS's trading.

My daily commentary:

Trade less, think and guess more

Considering the “imbalance of power” of traders: institutional vs. retail ones such as myself, I try to trade less, read and think more, and often put my thoughts in the ramblings published on my website.

Considering the importance of trading to WS’s profit, and trading is WS market makers’ job, the more trading, the better. Not for me, and I better be damn sure about the winning chance if I want to place a day trade.

Not seeing economy as “stagnating” as it used to look like around Feb 27, 2007 when the correction started, the yield curve has flattened these days , with 2-10Y T yield spread closing to zero. When bond investors see troubles somewhere, they usually flight to safety, mostly the front end of the curve, 2Y T, making yield curve steeping upward. Yields, both the level and the shape, all kind of back to what was before the correction.

Also, the spread between 10Y T and 10Y TIPs have been stable around 240 base points, and the spread between US 10Y T and German 10Y T has been stable around 50 base points. Any significant changes on those gauges of inflation and yield differential between US and Europe, would alarm Fed watchers.

Short term, I doubt economic numbers to be released would matter any more to stock traders, unless there are some big surprises coming out.

Indexes and percentage wise, Yesterday’s number two loser is today’s number one gainer, per

Today: Morgan Stanley Cyclical 1,020.56 +2.0%

Yesterday: Morgan Stanley Cyclical 1,000.55 -1.28%

A round of trip or trading.

My guess for tomorrow: more bullish than bearish, considering Rupert Murdoch's$5B bid to buy Dow Jones, and the “Slight majority of Bancroft family to oppose News Corp”. ( I would think that would trigger quite few bids around when market opens tomorrow.

Just remember, guess is always a guess.