Sunday, April 01, 2007

Trading Techniques: A Collection of Articles

The response to my recent call for articles regarding the "how-to" aspects of trading has been quite positive. Bloggers have submitted their own work, but I've also had readers suggest sites and posts to me. As a result, I'll begin the first round of a "How To Trade" linkfest on Monday.

As an opening course for that meal, I went through the TraderFeed archives and pulled out the posts that I felt were most helpful in illustrating trading patterns and fundamentals. There's a lot to read here, so you'll want to pull out the topics of greatest interest to you.

Want even more? You'll find that the articles page of my personal site also has a dedicated section to trading techniques. Here are the TraderFeed posts. For the most part, earlier posts come first in the order:

* The NYSE TICK and why it matters;

* Tracking participation in falling markets and also in rising markets;

* Small cap stocks and the S&P 500 Index;

* Using Market Delta in trading;

* TRIN and market efficiency;

* NYSE TICK extremes over swing periods;

* Volatility in the VIX and what it means;

* VIX and put/call ratios: when both are elevated;

* Stock index performance from open to close;

* End of month trading bias;

* Smooth vs. choppy moves and what comes next;

* The role of large traders in the market;

* Tracking intraday new highs and lows in the market;

* NYSE TICK and momentum effects;

* Identifying market breakouts;

* Using NYSE TICK to think dynamically about markets;

* Identifying short-term demand and supply;

* Trading with the NYSE TICK: Part One, Part Two, Part Three;

* NYSE TICK and short-term sentiment;

* What we can learn from new highs and lows;

* The pattern of market reversals;

* The challenge of stop-loss exits;

* Blending system and discretionary trading;

* Analyzing market volume for short-term trading;

* Participation as a key market variable;

* Intraday new highs/lows and putting the indicators together;

* New highs/lows at swing time frames;

* What low volatility tells us;

* New lows and market momentum; here's a look at new highs and market change;

* The importance of the trajectory of market moves;

* Tracking the behavior of large traders;

* When to exit a trade;

* The importance of where we close;

* Tracking divergences when markets are at highs;

* A different way of looking at options data;

* Using data from the opening minutes of trade for trading ideas;

* What to look for during flat markets;

* Gauging whether the market is likely to trend;

* Momentum and reversal at swing time frames;

* Setting price targets for short-term trades and using pivot targets in trading;

* Oil prices and stock performance;

* Trading gaps to the upside;

* The importance of dollar volume flows;

* Principles of short-term trading;

* Using the trend of sentiment to frame trading ideas;

* What happens to stocks when option volatility is low;

* Testing trading ideas;

* Identifying and trading breakout moves;

* Tracing the participation of large traders in the market, especially through the use of volume;

* What to look for in good trade execution;

* Understanding market efficiency;

* Reversal effects at swing time frames;

* Understanding shifts in the distribution of sentiment;

* More on new highs and lows on a swing trading basis;

* Intraday new highs/lows and market turns;

* Opening range breakouts: identifying and trading them.

* Using NYSE TICK to trade short-term breakouts.

* Catching market changes with TICK.

* Using participation to qualify market moves.

* A useful trading principle.


AnaTrader said...

Brett, Thank you for your dedication to make references to your voluminous works available freely to all traders alike.

A printout of the index to your selection is my way to keep track of your relevant topics.

Hsieh hsieh ni.

Michelle said...

Fantastic compilation, thanks!

Rahul said...

Thanks a lot for this goldmine. That's a lot of reading to be done !!


Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

Thanks to all who have commented re: the articles; it's much appreciated. I know that every article won't be relevant to every trader, but if even just a few add to the trading toolkit, that would be one for the "W" column!


Scott Ferguson said...

Great compilation of article, it's very relevant even for my type of trading...