Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Three Question Self-Assessment for Traders

Here are three questions that will help with self-assessment and the assessment of your trading:

1)  What, specifically, are the talents, skills, and strengths that will fuel your success? - A very successful business needs a distinctive competitive advantage.  What is yours?  What do you have that others don't that will make you succeed where others fail?  What are you superlatively good at, and how is that concretely and consistently expressed in your trading?  In your life?

2)  Where in your life, specifically and consistently, are you making super efforts?  - We don't grow by staying in our comfort zones.  Growth, whether in the gym or in life, requires a conscious, directed push outside our comfort zones so that we exercise fresh competencies.  What are the super efforts we're making here and now to be more tomorrow than we are today?

3)  Who brings out the best in you? - It is human nature to adapt to our environment.  If we're in an enriched social environment, we rise to the occasion; we absorb positive role modeling.  A challenging and stimulating work environment inspires us to rise to ever higher levels.

If we want a successful life, a meaningful life, a happy life, our days must be populated with experiences that yield success, meaning, and joy.  We can live comfortably and we can live well.  Or we can make super efforts and live to our fullest.  Each day, the choices we make shape our future and who we will be.

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