Wednesday, June 20, 2007

TraderFeed on Hold Temporarily

Dear Blog Readers,

On Monday, following a trip to meet with traders, I was hospitalized with acute appendicitis. It was not a good situation and required extended follow up care following surgery. Only now am I on my feet and able to make it to a computer. I hope to resume the blog and my personal site before too long. Thanks for your understanding.



bwilhite said...

Wow, that explains it....I hope you're doing better. I don't know if you believe in prayer or not, but I said one for you regardless. :) Take care of yourself.


niklaskoehler said...

All the best Brett,

this is sometimes difficult to diagnose timely, just as many patterns in transition. Have a good recovery!

Best wishes,

Student_Of_The_Trade said...

I regret hearing the news. You are in my thoughts as I wish you healthy, speedy recovery vibes.

Best to you Dr. Brett.



Frank said...

Hope you get well soon! And take care of yourself. :)


DrFox said...

Dear Brett,

I have been trough the same situation just a couple of months ago.

Wish you all the best and a quick recovery.

Regards from Brazil.


Closet Daytrader said...


Make sure you get plenty of rest!

I hope you'll feel better!

Andres Ceballos said...

Hope you are ok.

Market is not...!!!

flickrman said...

I wish you a speedy recovery! Get Well soon!

Best Regards,

Mousefinger said...

Holy cow! I'm sorry to hear that. Ouch. Well, we'll all be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care.


Kirill said...


I wish you a speedy recovery. That would be nice to see what you think about this choppy market.

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear that.
Please take care.
Best wishes.

James said...

wish you a speedy recovery !

Brett Steenbarger, Ph.D. said...

I'm really, really overwhelmed by the expressions of support. Thank you one and all for your kind words and thoughts. When I'm a bit more perky, I'll post about my experience. It certainly was quite a life changer--


Kevin said...

Hi Brett,

Forget your blog, forget trading, forget the markets....First take care of yourself and when you are feeling better we'll all be here waiting for you.


Simply Options Trader said...

Dr Brett,
Sorry to hear about that. Hope you will get well very soon. Take care!

Carlos Plech said...

A very solid recovery to you Sir.

Will Rahal said...

Get well soon!

haydin said...

Take care, hope you're doing better.

Derek said...

Take it easy and rest for a couple of days. It may be hard to do but it will really speed up your recovery.

Hoping your back on your feet soon.


Jeff said...

Dr. Brett,
I wish you a speedy recovery!

Flatwallet said...

get well quick Doc

Michael said...

I hope you're feeling better soon Brett.

AnaTrader said...

Hi Brett

It figures...when I did not find your post lately. You did mention you were under the weather in a private mail.

I had an acute appendicitis when I was just turned 12 and had my first stay in hospital. Someone next to my bed was in a worse and fatal condition, and that revealed to me I was lucky in comparison.

Please don't work too hard ; your body is telling you to take a break especially after the appendicectomy.

Get well soon.


Alex Michelsen said...

I wish you the best Dr. Brett,
I hope you are doing well and wish you a soon recovery.

God bless you,


Simple Trader said...

Hi Brett,

Wish you all the best in your recovery. Take care.


Scott G said...

Hope you get and feel better soon Dr. Brett. I'm very thankful to hear that you are doing better.

We are all there for you if you ever need anything.

Get better soon.

Ted said...


Just kidding.

Corey said...

You are absolutely in my prayers and thoughts and I am so glad to hear you are doing better. I wish you the best through your recovery.

Peter said...

Get well soon & try & enjoy the rest. The markets will be here when you return.

Best wishes
Peter Burbery
p.s. Thank you for your superb books & for sharing so much in your posts. Thank you.

Mick said...

Brett, you are in our thoughts and we hope you have a swift recovery.

~ Mick Weinstein, on behalf of Seeking Alpha

stephane said...

Sorry to hear that Brett,

I wish you a quick and great recovery, life has funny ways to always remember us that we don't control its ways !!

My thoughts are with you.


Trader Musings said...


Every cloud has a silver lining. You no longer have an appendix to get infected ever again.

Take care,

MidKnight said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Brett. Take your time. I'm still trying to go through your research from 2 months ago ;-)

Best regards,

size123 said...

Best wishes Dr. Brett for a speedy and complete recovery.

nicker said...

Dr Brett

That's a first-order mind challenge. You have our caring and prayers

Warm wishes for 100% licking it asap


yee sian said...

Sorry to hear about it. Take care of yourself(:

大螃蟹 said...

I wish you health
chen bo

jljacobs said...

Hope your feeling/getting better and able to get out of the hospital. You don't want to look at the statistics of how poor hospital care is and what can happen the longer you stay in one!!!!

Mike said...

Sorry to hear the news. Get well soon. I follow your blog every day.

Jeff said...

A speedy recovery to you. - J

Colin said...

Best wishes Brett, take your time, the markets won't go anywhere ;)

Ziad said...

I'm sure u'll be restless to start working again and ur mind will snap ur body into a speedy and healthy recovery. No stopping people like Dr. B.

All the best,

I.L. said...

get better brett.
come back even stronger.
IL (musingsofatrader)

james said...


Take the time to get better. You never want to rush the healing process.

Wishing you the very best,


F. said...

Get well soon, very soon! I'm mentally addicted to your blog!


Johan said...

Get well Doctor!

Best wishes from Sweden

Maxy said...

Hope your feeling better doc.

Best wishes,

Nidhi said...

Hope you recuperate soon!

Nidhi said...

I Hope you get well soon! I thank for all the time you spend in your blog. Is, in my opinion, the best market blog. Take your time, I will be waiting to hear news from you.

Jesus Perez

Larry Nusbaum said...

"It certainly was quite a life changer--"
It happened to Curt Schilling and he went on to win the WS for, although we won't ask for you to win a playoff game, we are expecting another winning post soon.

Ryan said...

All the very best Brett, hope you make a speedy and smooth recovery.

Make sure you take enough time out to rest fully before thinking of resuming your superb output :-)

cpptrader said...

Wish you the best in recovery,

Ernie said...

Get well soon.