Sunday, July 11, 2010

The TraderFeed Home Page: Trading and Market Psychology Resources

Welcome to the TraderFeed blog. TraderFeed began in December, 2005 as a project to help me think aloud about trading and market psychology, market patterns, and the short-term trading of financial markets. Over the subsequent four+ years, the blog grew into the largest single archive of trading psychology material on the Web, with over 3700 posts.

In anticipation of my joining a hedge fund on a full-time basis, I have stopped posting new material to TraderFeed, but have retained the blog as an archive. Below are links that will help readers navigate through the many posts.

Many thanks to readers for their interest and support. I hope the links below will help developing traders make the most of their market ventures.

Brett Steenbarger

** A great place to get started with the main ideas of the TraderFeed blog is this post and its links.

** For more depth on these themes, here are the three books I've written:

The Psychology of Trading - Examines psychological patterns and their impact on trading

Enhancing Trader Performance - How traders can accelerate their learning curves

The Daily Trading Coach - A set of 101 lessons to help traders coach themselves to success

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** Posts archived by theme are also available on the Trading Coach blog


Markus said...

ty so much for keeping the blog online...

Arthur said...

Dr Brett.

We will really miss your insights and help along our paths of trading successes.

Many thanks and god speed.
~ Ãrt

Michelle B said...

This archiving is very much appreciated. As a former librarian, I bow down before you.

salakazam said...

Thanks Dr. for share all this thoughts and info over the time.
This was an awesome work, I really hope you can resume it again at some point in the future.
Congratulations and thanks again from Spain.

bernard said...

thank you very very much for leaving us with the archive!!!!

TraderSmarts said...

Truly a treasure trove of knowledge. I will be forever referencing your blog and pointing people to it. Wish you the very best on all your future endeavors!

Jeff said...

Once again, a thank you for your kindness and many, many insights, both technical and life affirming. The best of luck in all your varied pursuits! The archive is greatly appreciated, indeed. It is an outstanding body of work.


Alsi Trader said...

Thanks Dr. Brett

It was only pleasure reading your posts and books. I wish you all the best. So sorry that you are leaving us :-(

You were my inspiration to start blog about South African markets and to keep it going.


Michael said...

All the best in your new endeavor Dr. Brett. And thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

Flowtastical said...

Thanks for everything and best wishes in your future endeavors.


jolo said...

I'll be thinking of you often as I'm trading....I just hope we're on the same side of the trade!


Soberba Insônia said...

As regarding all things you´ve done all these years:

´Work is love made visible.´ Gibran K. G.

And as regarding your departure:

A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?

Gibran K. G.

Michele said...

Thanks for putting together the summary posts. They provide a very useful roadmap into the archive.

And thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to the cause. Your blog was a real inspiration to many of us. Good luck with your new endeavors. Nice way to go out too, on a 400 pt.+ rally :-)

I-Man said...

Thanks a milly for keeping the work up for us... much appreciated.

Good luck at the new gig!

And thanks for making me a better trader, of course.

One Love,

Jedi said...

Thank you for your many helpful posts. Best of luck in your new position!

Zee said...

My deepest gratitude to you for influencing the way I trade, which improves as the days go by. Thanks again, for keeping your old blogs up, they are gems of knowledge.
Wish you the best in your Life Journey! said...

Best of luck in your new venture.


dave said...

I'm a relatively new reader of this blog but want to say thanks for all your work and wish you every success in your new direction. Your thoughts and insights will be missed but the archives will continue being a valuable resource.

Thanks again!!

odzi said...

Dr Brett,
I will really miss your guiding perspectives and your relentless efforts to help many trading beginners and professionals. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Bill Luby said...

An invaluable archive, Brett.

Thanks for all you have contributed and best of luck with your new gig.



Joslin Lolo said...

As big as the web's just not the same without you Dr.B....all the best!

Curtis said...

The best from your Coaching book and here:

Sustaining conscious directed effort over time leads to success (a phrase similar to that).

Your last webinar. Very clear answers.

Your posts on market structure.

Your posts on market themes.

Your belief that doing the amount of time spent outside of market was the best indicator of success. Doing homework.

Your belief in the advantages to be market focused and data focused versus ego focused or psychology focused.

The idea that environment, psychology, and performance are so integral.

The realization that discipline and other common psychological problems were not the reasons for failed traders. This is mathematical, that an arbitrary set of rules will reduce the search space in terms of finding the optimal solution. But rather, it was due to a lack of skill development or taking an overly simplistic view of market.


For those who read this, I provide very succinctly, what I learned about Dr. Brett's trading hypothesis:

Market are either acting in a way that is consistent with historical precedent or acting in a way that diverges from historical precedent. It is the trader's job to have a plan and a hypothesis of how the market will operate (a prediction) but, also, to adapt to the developing odds and manage those risk as necessary.

In this way, by definition, all trades can be classified as speculative or historical, in all time frames.

Trading is basically a performance activity..

And your blog has certainly influenced my own style over the years. I've "bet" against many other pundits and typically won but few times against Dr. Brett, which is why I followed you for so long, is that you were fairly consistent, and I could expect you to 'turn' a bit slower then me but also not to get out on a limb as much.

Having expressed all of that, there are still some questions in my mind.

First, I'm not convinced that all trading is a performance activity or that the largest traders in the world, are doing that. from the data, it sounds like they operate more on an analytical, rational, "can't fail" basis because of the stakes. They cheat, in a word.

And, there is something to be said for having a quantified edge. Many of these traders are very successful and do not view trading as performance based.

Certainly execution becomes more important as the time frame one trades is reduced. I think, also, not enough attention was payed to even determining if one was performing well and this was oversimplified. The greatest flaw or downside to your thesis regarding trading as a performance activity was the simplicity with which you dealt with the ability to evaluate ones performance. In a word, trading as a performance activity is asking us to take short term performance as an indicator of long term and future performance. And this is the problem, a trader operating on a discretionary basis could perform great in some market conditions and then blow out. Of course, the same could happen with a system but one may see that such a system only performed great for a short period of time.

I will certainly be coming back here to study and review various topics and appreciate all your help over the years and your keeping this up. I can verify unequivocally that Dr. Brett was one of the most trust worthy and freely giving people in this industry. He did a lot more for free then many would do for a good salary!

Thanks again!

Holger said...

Thank you so much for your invaluable contribution to the trading community. Best Wishes, Holger

Nhat said...

Thanks for all that you do, Dr. B. Congratulations on your new position.

Futures Trader said...

Dr. Brett,
Thanks so much for keeping this treasure grove of a blog alive as an archive. Although I've just started trading (less than a year), I've ardently followed your posts and will most definitely miss your daily posts. You've inspired countless beginners, myself included, to have fun, develop and pursue excellence in this craft. Good luck in your venture. God bless!

abel said...

Steveo said...

Dr Brett you rock!

Paul@Quantisan said...

Simply, thank you.

sdfsdfsdf said...

Thanks for doing this.

Psychologically speaking, will you not miss us all just a teeny weeny bit from up there in bonusville? :)

...enough to post just once more perhaps :) ?

Just for old times sake?

Loustar1 said...

Thank you Dr. for providing the greatest body of work of its kind ANYWHERE in the trading world.

Best of everything to you, your family and in your new adventures.

With Respect,


Gustavo's Trades said...

Thank you so much for this great resource. Wish you the very best in your journey!


jlj said...

Thanks. Your diligence has taught me almost as much as your insights. I thought you might enjoy this book - Nine Gates - Entering the Mind of Poetry by Jane Hirshfield. A book about self awareness from a different vantage point.


Joshua said...

Thanks for everything, Dr. Brett.

Good luck with your new endeavor... and just so you know, I'm keeping your blog in my feed reader, in the off chance that you decide to post something completely free of conflict-of-interest... Keyboard Cat, perhaps?


chris said...

Dr. Brett,

I've genuinely enjoyed your insights over the past few years. They have made a huge impact on my trading career.

I had to give you a quick shout-out on my blog-

Best of luck with the hedge fund, and hopefully we'll hear back from you soon!

Chris Dunn

volK said...

Dr Brett,

Thank you do much for all your educational, informational, inspiring and emotional posts throughout the years.

You surely will be missed.

thank you for everything and all the very best with what you will be doing.


amatteo said...

thanks for allowing us to access the archives! much appreciated

JASON said...

Has anyone heard of Benchmarq Trading Partners???

They are asking for minimum deposit $5000 as "my skin" in the game. They pay out 90% of net!!! Too good to be true?
Training is free and current and is conducted by a head trader of the firm. I'm concerned, my experience was all on the sell side and I'm not truly versed on how these outfits work.

Mike said...

Dr. Brett - Your stuff has been invaluable to me these last few years .... the fact that you made it available and will keep it available, for free, not only enriches all of us but also enriches you in a way that charging a subscription fee never could have.

Pretty much everything a trader needs is right here.

Bravo sir!

Mike McCurdy
Bellingham WA

Phileo said...

Dr. Brett,

Thanks for leaving your blog online so that students like me can continue to make regular pilgrimages to TraderFeed to be enlightened by your trading insight.
I am saddened to know that you will no longer post, but am happy that you have found an endeavour through which you can challenge yourself to new levels.
Best of luck in your new job.

MM said...

great work, inspiring. I even made my blog in reference to your trade psychology, just to keep my base intact. Good luck with your endevours

dowcow said...


I read regularly your blog posts. I have bought all your books. I've put up a review of "101" on I've bought your books and given them as gifts to fellow traders.

And as I read the 11th July post about your 'closing down', I am nearly in tears.


I guess there are certain possible 'conflicts' when you join a hedge fund, which many necessitate your stopping your blog posts.

I do wish you well and that you may make 20% (or more) - PER MONTH!

Oh, and don't stop writing books for traders. Your patients being medical students and physicians speaks to me too, for I was (a med student) and is (a physician).

God Speed
Terimah Kaseh (as they say in the Malay language)


The Money Paradise said...

Dear Bret. Thank you for maintaining such a resourceful blog with such a huge excellent content.
I agree with you that the historical prices of any equity or assets are able to offer information about the future behavior for the same.
Your content forced me to follow you.
thank you again. please keep it up

PRD trader said...

Dr. Brett thank you for your generous help to the trading communities around the world.

momentumsignal said...

Thanks for keeping this wonderful blog online....even though we miss your new insights !

Thanks Again